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The One Salary Negotiation Mistake That Could Be Costing You Thousands of Dollars


The One Salary Negotiation Mistake That Could Be Costing You Thousands of Dollars

It’s the one part of the interview process that many people dread: Salary negotiation.

While negotiating your salary can have plenty of benefits, it is still a very scary part of the job search process.

While you may know a little about salary negotiation, chances are you still feel uninformed about how it all works. Some of the questions you may have are:

  • Should I negotiate my salary regardless the pay I am offered?
  • Will negotiating my salary make me appear greedy or ungrateful?
  • What if I negotiate and end up losing the job offer?
  • How do I know what my desired salary should be?
  • What do I actually say when I negotiate, and how do I convince the company I’m worth the investment?

These are all valid questions, and a different blog post answers all those questions about how to negotiate your salary effectively in detail. But for now, I want to share one thing you should NOT do when negotiating your salary.

Ultimate Salary Negotiation Pro-Tip: Never be dishonest about your desired salary!

I know this may sound like common sense to you, but I can’t tell you how many people do this and end up regretting it later.

During the tricky salary negotiation question, it’s easy to provide a low-ball answer to what you want to make out of fear that you will price yourself out of a position or make yourself look greedy. But let me tell you: That will rarely work in your favor.

Here’s a secret salary tip that recruiters won’t tell you: Many recruiters determine your salary based on what you desire or what you currently make.

This means that your answer to this one question — “What are your salary expectations for this position?” — is so vital and you must come confident, prepared, and positive about your desired salary for the position.

When deciding on your desired salary, you also don’t want to pick a high dollar amount just because you can. Instead, you want to think about what you truly desire and what is reasonable based on your experience. While deciding on this, do research and give yourself lots of credit!

Statistics show that the biggest pay increases you receive are when moving from company to company, so it’s important to be reasonable but aggressive when stating your desired salary.

So that’s it: The one mistake to avoid making during the salary negotiation process.

You’ve heard it from the expert. Always provide a strong and confident answer about your desired salary for a role upfront and be honest about your feelings related to the job offer.

And. lastly, remember: You have not because you ask not!

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