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Azani Shelise Fitten - Owner of Career Uncaged

Hey, it’s me.

The lady behind the Uncaged career desk.

I could take this time to share my entire life story with you, but I doubt you have the attention span for the that. So let me cut to the chase…

My name is Azani.  I love helping people advance in their careers and pursue their purpose. I am here to provide you with tricks of the trade that HR professionals just won’t tell you.




My professional values

One phrase I live by is “you can’t give what you don’t have.” And that’s at the core of all my services.

This means I will never give you advice that hasn’t worked for me, or give you information that cannot be validated.

That’s the benefit of working with me and my business:

  • I only tell you what I know works based on experience and data;
  • I don’t act like I’m an expert in areas I know nothing about;
  • and I care about you and your advancement above anything else.

The advice I give is tried, tested, and true because I want your life to get better (and I can’t help you do that by giving you flimsy advice that doesn’t actually work).

I’m telling you: Recruiting and resumes are “my thing,” so let me help you advance!

My Professional Background

…because credentials never hurt anyone, right?

  • I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies
  • I’m a member of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) — one of the largest HR organizations in the country
  • I managed to land an AWESOME job right out of college which I am SO grateful for
  • I have experience applying for and getting scholarships of more than $50,000 in value
  • I have two years of corporate recruiting experience
  • I review hundreds of resumes on a monthly basis and am directly involved in hiring decisions on a weekly basis
I tell you this to say: I’m not some Joe Schmo off the street trying to make a couple of dollars.  I have real experience and can help you advance your life.

About Me

So who is Azani outside of work life?


  • I play tennis for fun!  I’ve played since I was little both leisurely and competitively.
  • Although I love people, I am an introvert. I love silence, peace, and quiet.
  • I LIKE to work (say whaaaat?!) but I LIVE for the weekends when I have NOTHING to do and NOTHING planned. Those are the best.
  • I love to travel and experience other cultures… I’ve been to 8 countries and counting. I have a heart for diversity & inclusion. (That photo you see… That was taken in Rome!)
  • I love the outdoors (but not the bugs) — hiking, biking, jogging, rafting, beach walks, you name it!
Azani Fitten - Resume Consultant KC

Convinced yet?

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