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4 (Extremely Common) Reasons You Never Seem to Reach Your Career Goals

All of us have dreams and goals. But when the cares of life come, our goals tend to get put on the back burner. Somehow, we look up, and it’s been months… even years… and we still haven’t reached the goals we set for ourselves. But why? Why isn’t our desire to achieve our professional goals enough to actually put us to action? Well, here are 4 things I’ve done, and that you may be doing too, that are stopping you from reaching your career goals.

1.) You are waiting to feel “inspired”

What’s one thing you’ve been wanting to do, but have pushed off because it just doesn’t feel like the “right time?” You know exactly what I’m talking about. You get excited when you think about it. But when you sit down to actually do it, you have no motivation. So you wait. You wait to feel inspired. But that inspiration never comes. And next thing you know it’s been months — even years — down the line and you’re in the same place you were before and haven’t made any progress toward your professional goals. This is why you can’t wait. Don’t wait to feel inspired to start working toward your goal. Instead, work toward your goal, and the motivation and inspiration will increase. Stop procrastinating. Start now.

2.) You don’t believe you can have an impact

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. But he didn’t just have a dream, he believed that he could make that dream come to pass. Just like him, you can play a significant role in shaping and changing the state of your job, your city and even the country …. if you believe that you can. It’s time to tear down the doubt and let go of everything that says “I can’t.” You are powerful. You are impactful. And change begins when you believe in yourself.

3.) You let fear control your decisions and dictate your career goals

Let’s face it. It’s scary to fail. Especially when there are people watching. But you can’t let fear dictate your future or determine whether you reach your career goals. You live and you learn. You fall and you get up. You succeed and you fail. We all do it and we all live it. But those who are truly successful learn how to embrace and learn from their failures rather than run from them.

4.) You worry too much about your image, and not enough about your true identity

It’s easy to allow the opinions of others to control how you view yourself. But nothing is more important than being your true, authentic self. While the perception people have of you is important, what’s even more important is how you perceive yourself. Remember: You are unique and special, and the perception others have of you does not determine who you are, you do.

Start reaching your professional goals today!

Now you know some key areas that you can improve in. I think today is the day to start really pushing toward your dreams and career goals. No more fear. No more doubt. No more procrastination. No more people pleasing. You are capable of doing all that’s on your heart to do. I’m excited for your progress!

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