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3 Questions to Ask Before & After the Interview to Get the Job & Leave a Stellar Impression

I know you’ve probably been there… Beating yourself up after an interview because you didn’t provide enough detail or didn’t share enough relevant experience. The truth is: It can be difficult to know what to ask during the interview to finish strong. Well, have no fear – Azani the interview expert is here to provide you with 3 simple questions to ask during the interview to ensure you “wow” the interview team, get the most out of your interview time, and share ONLY relevant and important information!

1. Questions to ask before the interview: What about my resume stood out to you? What made you contact me?

These are two fantastic questions that will give you a leg up throughout your interview. Let me tell you why. By asking these questions, the interviewer is now going to look at your resume and list the experience and skills that stood out to them. In other words, they are going to directly tell you which experience is most relevant to the role. Now you’ll know which jobs, skills, and experiences you should highlight in the interview, and which ones you can overlook. This is extremely helpful because, often times, it can be difficult to know which jobs recruiters are most interested in. You certainly don’t want to talk about the experience that is not relevant to the role.  But by asking these questions, you can prepare yourself for a successful interview.

2. Question to ask during the interview: Before we continue, are there any other jobs or skills listed on my resume that you are interested in hearing more about?

This question is quick, easy, and to the point. It ensures you are discussing relevant skills and gives you a pulse of how the interview is going.  Most recruiters will, at this time, tell you if there is a skill they’d like you to discuss more in depth or a job they are interested in learning more about. From there, you can re-route your interview answers to align with what the interviewer is looking for.

3. Question to ask after the interview? Now that we’ve talked, what concerns do you have about my experience? Is there anything you were hoping to hear from me that you didn’t?

This is an awkward question for the interviewer, but a great opportunity for you! After you ask this question, the recruiter will tell you why they think you may or may not be a good fit for the position.  After they tell you, you have one final opportunity to state your case. At this time, you can rebuttal their concerns, explain why (despite their concerns) you are still qualified, and tell them about any additional experience you left out or forgot to mention in the interview.

Ask these important questions during the interview and you’ll be set!

That’s it folks – short, sweet, and to the point.  I hope these questions help you in your next interview. If you have any questions about your interview or are looking for more detailed tips, feel free to comment below!
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